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How does Second Opinion Dental's platform work, and how do I sign up?

Here is a quick video that gives you all the details you will need to get started:

I need dental implants. Can Second Opinion Dental find me a great provider?

Some people want to know dental implant costs, how much for “all on 4 dental implants”, and other questions. Our providers currently offer these services. Just post an ad, how much you want to pay, and your availability.

I don’t have dental insurance. Can I still use Second Opinion Dental?

Yes! Often it is easier NOT to use dental insurance. People who have dental insurance may spend $500 or more each year on premiums – in addition to copays and deductibles. Instead of paying insurance premiums, you are using that money to pay directly for dental care. You can often get the most for your money by paying your dental provider directly.

By paying directly, you save dental providers time and effort in filing and tracking insurance payments. Patients who pay out of pocket require less time and effort to bill.

Am I guaranteed to find a great dentist for the ads I post?

Your ad will be seen by our network of qualified dentists. If your ad doesn’t get a response right away, you might consider adjusting your availability or price to attract great offers. We are constantly growing our network of providers so more dentists will see your ad.

How do I post an ad on Second Opinion Dental? Does it cost me anything?

After you sign up for your free account, you are ready to post an ad. To create you ad, all you need to do is provide your name, location, services needed, available times, and note if you will be using insurance or paying directly.

Quality dental providers will review your ad and message you if there is a good fit.

Second Opinion Dental is free of charge to patients. No more wasting time, calling dental offices to see how much they charge, when they have appointments, and getting overwhelmed by the process.

Just post an ad and let dental providers come to you!

What are the benefits of signing up with Second Opinion Dental?

You get quality dental care at an affordable price. We know that finding the right dentist – at the price that fits your budget and schedule – is overwhelming. Second Opinion Dental changes all of that.

Many people today remark that “I don’t have dental insurance” but still need care. Patients can use their insurance plan or pay their dentist directly without using insurance. Either way, you get the services you need at a price you can afford.

Who has time or money to shop for dentists when they can come to you? For providers who accept your insurance, you can list what insurance you will be using and let them bill your insurance company.

If you are paying directly, you’ll avoid getting a “surprise bill” from the insurance company for unexpected copays and deductibles. You list when you are available and what you are willing to pay.

Second Opinion Dental helps you take control of your dental health. Patients and providers negotiate directly for services at a price that works for both you.

What if no providers respond to my job post?

Check the recommended price list and see if your price needs to increase also try expanding how far you are willing to travel. 

Does it cost anything to use your service?

No, our service completely free for both providers and patients.

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